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Anita Boateng biography

Anita Boateng is a Partner at Portland Communications and a specialist in government affairs, policy, and Communication. She specializes in delivering ambitious, integrated public affairs and corporate communications campaigns for clients facing regulatory, reputational, and commercial challenges.

While she has been a partner at Portland Communication for some time now, she has achieved more than just that in her career.

Anita Boateng Profile Summary

Full Name: Anita Boateng

Nickname: None

Age: 25-35 years

Place of birth: London

Place of residence: London

Skin Complexion: Dark skinned

Hair color: black

Height 5 feet 5inches tall

Parents: Mr. and Mrs. Boateng

Nationality: British/Ghanaian

Sexuality: straight

Marital status: Unknown

Husband: Unknown

Children: Unknown

Religion: Christianity

Race: Black

Education: University of Oxford

Qualifications: BSc (Hons) in Politics, Philosophy, and Economics.

Occupation/Career: government affairs, policy, and Communication specialist and partner at Portland Communication

Political party: conservative Party

Political position: formal special to cabinet Minister in the UK

Awards won: None

Networth: $800,000 – $2million

Social handles;

Facebook: @anitaboateng

Instagram: @anitaboateng

LinkedIn: @anitaboateng

Wikipedia: None

Early Life

Anita was born and raised in London, England by her immediate parents who are known to be immigrants from Ghana, a country located in west Africa. She was reportedly said to have lived and grown up in a public housing complex in Hackney. She and her parents had relocated to Redbridge when she was just 10 years old. After high school as a teenager, she attended one of the best universities in England where she graduated with a degree. By the virtue of her parents being immigrants from Ghana, Anita has dual citizenship which makes her a citizen of both the British and Ghana.


Anita’s real age is yet to be publicly known. But according to some sources, it was said that her age will be in the range of 25-35 years.


Anita’s relationship and marital status are still something still unknown to the public just like her real age. She hasn’t made any public statement about that and we hope she will do so in the future time.


Although Anita’s parents’ names are still unknown, her parents were immigrants who hail from Ghana in a place called Nsuta located in the Ashanti region side. Her father was a confirmed driver based in property in Britain’s London district and her mother, was a hairdresser respectively.

Educational Background

After primary school, Anita attended a local grammar school in London where she acquired her high school seniors certificate before going to higher institutions. While growing up as a teenager, Anita was so in love with medicine and has always wanted to study medicine, but as time goes on she realized that she is so much interested in art and she later studied an art course at the University.

She on the other hand attended her higher institution at one of the biggest universities named oxford university which are located in England, where she acquired her first-degree certificate; bachelor of Art, BA(Hons) in Politics, Philosophy, and Economics in 2010.


After Anita’s education, she worked as a senior researcher at the policy research unit LTD. For 2 years starting from August 2010 to December 2012. In 2013 she moved to the British broadcasting corporation (BBC) where she became a political producer and anchored one of the programs called question time. 

She worked at the British broadcasting corporation for over 3 years, starting from January 2013 to March 2016 before she became the special adviser to the secretary of State for work and pensions in the department for work and pensions. She worked in that position for 5 months starting from March 2016 to July 2016 before she was appointed as the special adviser to the secretary of state for justice at the Department of Justice United Kingdom. In the position of a special adviser to the secretary of state for justice, she only worked for 8 months starting from June 2017 to January 2018 before she left the position.

The same month and year (January 2018) she left the position of the special adviser to the secretary of state for justice, she was appointed the special adviser to the Conservative Party chairman where she worked for over a year starting from January 2018 to June 2019 before she was made the special adviser to the Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster at the cabinet office of the minister where she worked for over a year serving three cabinet ministers starting from January 2018 – July 2019, before finally left the position of the special adviser completely.

In November 2019 she became the senior director of FTI consulting inc. a company located in Washington DC, that is dedicated to helping organizations manage change, mitigate risk, and resolve all kinds of disputes. She worked with the FTI consulting for over a year before she became a partner at Portland Communication which is also where she is present.

Net Worth

Anita’s net worth is estimated to be around $800,000 – $ 2 million 

Source of wealth

Anita’s source of income and wealth came from her work and job over the years.


Anita is an active member of UK Politics, she belongs to a political party called the Conservative Party. As a politician, she has held the position of a special adviser to the chairman of her political party.

Some interesting known facts About Anita Boateng

She is a politician.

She belongs to the conservative Party, a political party based in the UK.

She served three cabinet ministers during her years as a special adviser.

She is a career-driven lady and she lives a private life.

She has many years of proven experience working at the highest levels of media and government in the UK.


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