Percy Lapid Biography: age, education, career,networth, cause of death

Percy Lapid
Percy picture in the studio.

Percy Lapid Profile Summary

Name: Percy lapid

Date of birth:. 4 March 1959

Age: 63 years

Gender:. Male

Profession : Journalist

Hair colour:. Black

Eyes colour:. Black

Weight: 75kg

Hight:. 5 feet 10 inches

Networth :. $30.6m to $ 263m

Percy Lapid Biography

Percy Lapid was a Filipino broadcaster columnist at JSY publications; he was born on 4 March1959. In porac pampanga,His hair and eyes colour are black, he weighs 75kg,his height is 5feet 10 inches in metres: 1.78, In centimetres: 178Percy Lapid was working at Hataw D’yaryo NG Bayan; he is also an affairs commentator at DWBL 1242 kHz, FBC radio network.


Percy was born in porac pampanga into the family of Mabanas in the year 4th of March 1959 and he died in the year 2022 October 3 which means that he is 63 years old when he died.


Percy completed his elementary school in 1968 at porac central school his secondary was education finished in 1972 at St Catherine’s Academy.


Percy was a radio broadcaster (Journalist) for JYS publication ,he was a Filipino broadcaster columnist at JSY publications Percy Lapid worked at Hataw Dyaryo NG Bayan; he is also an affairs commentator at DWBL1242 kHz. FBC radio network.


Percy estimated NetWorth as at the time he was still alive is $263,000.


Percy lapid was killed by motorcycle gunmen in front of Las Pinas City, it is said that Percy lapid is the second journalist who have died during Marcos administration adding to a long list of journalists killed in the country since 1986.

Cause Of Death

According to a news source, the cause of Percy untimely death is yet to be identified. However Percy was known to be an activist who always criticizes the administration of the previous and current governments of his state. He targeted important topics like extrajudicial killings, and red-tagging but even with this, we can not conclude anything yet until the real perpetrators are caught red handed.


As at when this was written the name Percy lapid Father and mother is not yet known, The name of his wife is Liza he was a loving husband to his wife and a father to six children and grandfather to three grandchildren children and he loves all of them very much and the name ofHis brother is Roy Mabasa, a veteran journalist.

Percy Lapid Obituary

Percy Lapid is scheduled to be laid to rest on the 9 of October 2022 .

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