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Anna van densky is a full-time Belgium-based international journalist known for her specialization in important political topics like the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), the European Union affairs and foreign policy, security and defense, development, and Russia-NATO relations. She is also popularly known as a political commentator and pundit.

Although Anna has been in the world of journalism for years she is more than just an ordinary journalist. She is also skilled in the following areas; Politics, Media Relations, International Relations, Strategic Communications, Social Media Journalism,  Broadcast Journalism,  European Politics, Public Speaking, Presentation Skills, Panel Moderator  Press Releases, and Foreign Policy

Profile Summary of Anna van Densky

Full Name: Anna van densky

Nickname: None

Date of birth: October 15th, 1974

Age: 48 years

Place of birth: Moscow

Skin Complexion: Fair

Hair color: black

Height: tall

Place of residence: Brussels, Belgium

Parents: Densky

The country lived; in Russia, Netherlands, and Belgium.

Nationality: Russia

Sexuality: straight

Language spoke: English, Russian and French

Marital status: Unknown

Children: Unknown

Religion: Christianity

Ethnicity/Race: White

Education: Maastricht Fine Arts Academy (ABK), European school of journalism, and Université Libre de Bruxelles

Qualifications: EU-accredited journalist, Ph.D. in political science.

Occupation: journalist, political commentator.

Political positions: None

Networth: $1million-$5million

Social Media handles;


LinkedIn: Anna van densky




Early life

Anna van densky Biography

Anna van Densky was born and raised in Moscow, Russia, Where she lived her childhood life. She was born on October 15th, 1974 into the family of Mr. and Mrs. Densky who is both from Russia. She left Russia for Maastricht, a university city on the southern tip of the Netherlands, at a youthful age. At Maastricht, She attended the Maastricht Fine Arts Academy (ABK) and a European school of journalism. She graduated in 2005.

After her graduation from these institutions, she relocated to Brussels Belgium where she is living and working afterward. Anna was a passionate journalist who has lived most of her life as a journalist and a pundit, in fact, she is one the few journalists who navigated with competence in the post-Gutenberg era of  IT communications dominated by visual images.

Anna is also a bonafide member of the Brussels international press-corps – API(IPA). As an accredited European Union journalist she serves as a European Union matters commentator for the following media company;

Voice of America News (VOA); is a media company based in the United States.

British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC); is an international media company based in London.

EURONEWS; is a television news network based in Lyon, France.

China Global Television Network Global News; is China’s biggest news media based in China.

Russia Today RT; is an English news media based in Russia.

Apart from this media News company mentioned above Anna also works with other news media companies like EU Reporter, i24 News TV, Via Europa TV, Eye on Africa TV,  Europe Diplomatic Magazine and so many others not mentioned here.


Anna van Densky was born in the year 1974 and she is 48 years old at the time of writing this article in 2022.


At the time of writing this article, there was no trace as to whether she was married or not. Everything about her marital life is still unknown.


Just like her Marriage status is, there is still no trace as to whether Anna van Densky has given birth to a child or not. But she has a cat that she cherished so much which later died in 2021.


Anna was born into the family of Mr. and Mrs. Densky who was both from Russia.

Educational Background

Anna first attended the Maastricht Fine Arts Academy (ABK), a European school of journalism where she was accredited at the EU institutions as a commentator and pundit on EU matters. After that, she then went to Université Libre de Bruxelles where she acquired her Ph.D. in political science.

Anna has grounded all around in everything concerning journalism, especially in political journalism.


Anna van densky is a passionate journalist and a political pundit who enjoys what she does for a living. She has been in journalism for over 20 years. And Like I’ve mentioned above she has worked with many big Media companies and still working with them to date, especially on political matters and matters concerning.

Source of wealth

Journalism; Anna is a full-time journalist and has no side job. So, most of his money comes from her work as a journalist and a media commentator.


Anna van densky Biography

Anna van Densky’s Networth is estimated to be $1million-$5million. As like we’ve pointed out before, her money comes from her job as a journalist.

Awards won

Anna has not won any media award at the time of writing this Biography.

Political position

Anna has no political position she is occupying at the moment.


Anna van densky has no Wikipedia profile.

Social Media Handles

Anna has an account in the following social media platforms;

Facebook: @Annavandensky

Twitter: @Annavandensky

Instagram: @Annavandensky

LinkedIn: @Annavandensky


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