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Ndi Kato is a politician, a presenter and a political analyst known for her programmes on television stations like AIT; BBC, aljazeera, arise TV, TVC and voa channels. She is also known as the executive director and founder, dinidari foundation; Communication support for NHRC, a communication consultant and a Minority Rights Activist.

While her career was known to have started as a TV presenter, she is a boss lady who has achieved more than just being on camera as a presenter.

Ndi Kato Profile Summary

Full Name: Benedicta Ndi Kato

Age: 32 years old

Date of birth: October, 13th, 1990

Skin color: fair complexion

Place of birth: kaduna, kaduna state, nigeria.

State of origin: kaduna state

Place of residence: Abuja

Nationality: Nigeria

Gender: female

Sexuality: Straight

Marital status: Married

Children: One

Tribe: Hausa

Religion: Christianity

Parents: Mr. and Mrs. Kato

Career/Occupation: politician, political analyst, Executive Director,Dinidari Foundation, communication consultant, minority rights activist.

Education: university of jos nigeria

Qualifications: bachelor’s degree in mass communication and media studies.

Graduation Year: 2008

Skills: public speaking, social media management, strategic planning.

Networth: $500,000

LinkedIn: @Ndikato

Twitter: @ndikato

Facebook: @ndikato

Medium: @ndikato

Instagram: @ndikato

Who is Ndi Kato?

Kato is a young and vibrant Politician from the northern part of Nigeria. The Young lady happens to be the youngest female nigerian to ever join nigeria politics. She joined politics at a young age and She has spent most of his career as a political analyst and a minority rights activist. She was a member of one of the biggest political party group in Nigeria called the “people democratic party”

Where is Ndi Kato from?

Kato hails from Kaduna state, a state located in northeastern part of nigeria.

Ndi kato’s Family and Siblings

Kato was born into the family of Mr. and Mrs. Kafanchan and she has 4 siblings. Her late mother Cecelia Kato was a lecturer in the department of English and literature studies at the University of abuja. She died years ago after a brief illness.

Educational Background

The politician had his primary and secondary school education in kaduna he then obtained his bachelor’s degree in mass communication and mass studies from the University of jos (unijos) in jos, plateau state. She was admitted to the University in 2004 and graduated in 2008.

When did benedicta Ndi Kato start off her political career?

Kato’s political career kick started in her mid 20’s. After which she became a registered member of the people’s democratic party. She worked as the party’s media aid. She was known for her fight for women inclusion in politics in the northern part of Nigeria.

In 2018 she declared her interest to contest for the Kaduna State House of Assembly seat under the umbrella of the people’s democratic party but couldn’t obtain the party’s primary ticket.

In April 2019, she broke the public announcement of leaving the party due to some reasons best known to her. She went further to say that she just wants to focus more on promoting political conversations, pushing for women inclusion and fighting for human rights for the time being. Source vanguard news.

In October 2022, kato was appointed as one of the spokesperson for the Peter obi’s labour party presidential, election campaign alongside dele farotimi, Kenneth okonkwo, ime ufot, Nana kazaure and tanko yinusa as the head spokesperson.

She is considered as one of the best political analysts in Nigeria.

Ndi kato’s Life Outside Career and occupation

Kato is a model who sees modeling as a hobby and an easy way to cool down pressure from work and political activities. Aside from that, she is also a great writer and a die-hard fan of good parenting. She has a mini-blog at medium where she shares her views on politics, life matters and parenting. After reading you can check out her mini blog at medium with the link located at the end of this article.

Is Ndi Kato Married?

Ndi is a happily married woman with a child. Her child is 14 years old as of 2022 and her husband is yet to be identified.

Who is Ndi Kato’s Husband?

Like I’ve pointed out before, kato is married but his husband is yet to be publicly known. There is no clear information regarding who her husband is.

How wealthy is Ndi kato?

Ndi kato’s net worth is guesstimated to be $500,000 most of it comes from her career as a political analyst.

As Activist

Kato is one of the reputable Nigerians who uses her platform to help promote and encourage the female child. The politician also encourages others who are also in a good position to do so. She Also promotes women’s inclusion in politics.

The Young activist is one of the outspoken, fearless Nigerian activists who stands on the truth regardless of the outcome. She says things as it is and the way it is supposed to be without mincing words. She is also the founder and the Executive Director, Dinidari Foundation.

Social Media Handles

Kota only uses five social media platforms. Below is the link to the official pages of these social media platforms.

Note: any links other than these links I am going to be sharing with you here should be avoided because, there are many fake pages which claim to be Kota but they’re not.

LinkedIn: @ndikato

Facebook: @ndikato

Twitter: @ndikato

Instagram: @ndikato

Medium: @ndikato


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