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Bella Tabak Feldman Profile Summary

Name: Bella Tabak Feldman

Date of birth: 27 July 1930

Place of birth: New York city

Gender: Female

Country: U.S.A

Home Town: Oakland (California)and London (England)

Education: BA degree from Queens College City University at New york and MA from San Jose University

Profession: Sculptor

Marital status: married

Spouse: Leonard Feldman

Networth: $ 3 million to $5Million was estimated

Early Life

Bella Feldman is from the USA and was born in the year 27 July 1930 in New York city into the family of working class Jewish migrants from Poland. She spent her childhood in the Bronx tenements. When Bella turned 13 she was opportuned to go to the museum of art in the museum she saw meret Oppenheimer’s object (1939), the fur-line cup and saucer that drew her total attention.

The things that influenced Bella Feldman were the sculpture of David Smith and Alberto Giacometti’s palace at 4am (1932). She was well known for the pioneering of the use of glass with steel, her work has affinities with Post-minimalism, Feminist art movement and Surrealism.


Bella had family members who where staying in Poland during the Holocaust and she lost many of them it was one of her worst experience which also helped her form her world view. Which involves her life long Preoccupation with war, and also the awe inspiring effects of the military in the industrial complex.

Marital Life

Bella got married to the love of her life, Leonard Feldman when she was 18 years old they had two children Nina Feldman born in 1954 and Ethan Feldman born in 1956.


Bella feldman was born in the year 1930 as at 2022 she was 91 years old.


Bella Feldman attended The high school of Music & Art in Manhattan during the second world war, she is a graduate with Barchelor of Art degree from Queens College City University at New York city and she acquired Masters of Art degree from San Jose University. she is now a professor Emeritus of California College of Art, she lives and works in Oakland, California and in London, England.


Bella Feldman started teaching work in the year 1965 in California College of the Art , In 1971 she and her family went to Uganda ,East Africa. On an allowance from the E.L Cabot Trust fund at Harvard university. Bella spent two years teaching art in Uganda before the occurrence of thegenocidal war in that nation after a while she went back to California College of the Art. When she went back she started facing gender discrimination ,she fought bravely to retain herposition and achieved success in it.

The situation made her an advocate for other women whomShe assisted in achieving job security and equity. Bella was awarded an MA degree in 1973 From San Jose State University .She understands the importance of art this is the main reason why she has won many awards for her excellent work, her sculpture has obtained a chance to get featured in many privatecollections and museums which include Fine Art museum of Francisco, Napa, CA, The Di Rosa preserve and The palm springs desert museum.

Bella feldman art work has exhibited both national and international in many museums and galleries, she was given an award of International Endowment for Art and individual Artist award,she was awarded Distinguished Artist awards in Berkeley from Kale Art institute in 2004,The award of the Woman Caucus was given to her in 2005. A 50 years survey of her work also took place in 2013 at the Richmond Art center.

She has done great work when it comes to Artwork her sculptures some of her works are Metamorphosis in the year 1970, Flasks of Fiction in the late 1990s, War toys and war toys Redux in the year 1992 and Large sculpture.


Bella Feldman estimated Net Worth is about $3 million to $5 million dollars.

Social Media

Bella Feldman has a Facebook account, Twitter account and Instagram handle; she is well known on her YouTube page. All of her social media handles where opened with her real name.


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