Chippa Mpengesi biography; early life, age, marriage, children, education, career, Net worth

Chippa Mpengesi is a businessman and the chief executive officer of Chippa investment holdings, a cape Town-based company that offers services in security, real estate, construction, Agriculture, and cleaning. He is also popularly known as the owner of one of the biggest clubs in South Africa known as Chippa united football club.

While he is well known as the chief executive officer of Chippa investment holdings, he also has other achievements that are worth more than that in other sectors.

Chippa Mpengesi Profile Summary

Full Name: Chippa Siviwe mpengesi

Nickname: Chippa

Date of birth: 1976

Age: 46 years

Place of birth: Nqamakwe

Nationality: South Africa

Skin Complexion: Dark skinned

Hair color: black

Height: 5 feet 5 inches

Parents: Mr. and Mrs. Mpengesi

Sexuality: straight

Marital status: Married

Wife: phumeza mpengensi

Children: zenande mpengensi and sandiso mpengesi

Religion: Christianity

Education: None

Qualifications: None

Occupation: Businessman and CEO

Political position: None

Net Worth: $5 Million

Awards: None

Social media handles;

Facebook: @siviwechippampengesi

Twitter: @chairmanSiviwe chippa mpengesi

Instagram: @chippampengesi

LinkedIn: @chippampengesi

Wikipedia: None

Company website URL:

Early Life

Chippa Siviwe Mpengensi was born and raised in South Africa by his parents Mr. and Mrs. Mpengesi. Chippa has lived all his life in South Africa and still lives there today. He grew up in a place called the Nqamakwe located in Eastern Cape Town of South Africa.

At a young age, Chippa was a great footballer who loved playing football but never had the opportunity to play at the professional level. Being a good footballer back then, his friend Nicknamed him Chippa a name which he answers to today, especially in the football community. According to him, the name was derived from one South African footballer back in the day.

Growing up as a child, Siviwe never had an easy life. He grew up in a poor family where he and his siblings find it very hard to eat up to three square meals a day. Due to this financial problem surrounding him and his family, he left home at a young age (15 years old) in search of greener pastures at cape Town the country’s capital which was where his success story began.


Chippa Mpengesi is 46 years old. He was born in 1976.


Chippa Mpengesi is happily married to his wife and they’ve been married for years now. The name of his wife is Phumeza Mpengesi, she is 42 years old, 4 years younger than her husband. 

Phumeza Mpengesi media handles;

Facebook: None

Instagram: None

Twitter: None

LinkedIn: None


Chippa Mpengesi’s wife Phumeza gave birth to two children and both are male children. there names are zenande mpengesi and sandiso mpengesi. but Zenande Mpengesi is no longer alive. he died in 2015 in a swimming pool drowning at the age of 1 year and 6 months.


There was no information found about who Chippas Mpengesi’s parents were as at the time of writing this article.

Educational Background

Chippa Mpengesi never attended college or any university and he doesn’t have any degree. He dedicated his life to a full-time business because his parents has no money to sponsor him through school.


As a young lad from a poor family, Chippa Mpengesi struggled to be the kind of versatile and multimillionaire businessman he is today. At first, he started off his career as a security guard that safeguards peoples’ houses and also cars in car parks. 

At the time he was doing the security job, he was paid R700-R900 as a monthly salary but then the money wasn’t enough to cater to his need and his family’s need. Due to this, chipped quit his job and then opened his own registered security company where he served as the chief executive officer. Even after opening his own company, it never made much difference until the time he approached the pick-n-pay supermarket chain management (one of the biggest supermarkets in South Africa) and offered to recover its missing trolleys from Cape Town’s townships. He was given a contract worth £2,200 by the supermarket after he recovered over 750 trolleys, which in turn became the biggest break in his business. In just six years after his first big break, Mr. Mpengesi and his wife, Mrs. Phumeza, have received contracts worth R100 million from the City of Cape Town alone.

After that, he has gotten more other bigger contracts and also founded many other businesses that kept him at the top as one of the multi-millionaires in south Africa till today.

Due to his passion for football, he bought a struggling club that plays in the south African third-division league. a club he reformed and promoted to South Africa’s premier soccer league after beating favorites Santos FC. He later renamed the club after himself now the club’s present name is known to be Chippa United FC. Presently, Chippa United FC is one of the biggest clubs in south Africa’s league.

Net worth

Chippa Mpengesi’s net worth is estimated to be $ 7 million

Source of wealth

Chippa Mpengesi’s source is known and proven to be from the business and connection he single-handedly built over the years with a good reputation. He has a mansion he built in the city capital and also has many cars too.

Awards won

Chippa has not won any award at the time of writing this article.


Even though Chippa Mpengesi had a hard life while growing up as a child he never allowed any of the things he passed through while growing define him. So he made sure he gives out to the less privileged folks around south Africa. And he never forgets the church, he also makes sure to donate to the church in order to keep the Lord’s work going.


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