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Ken Sim is a politician and businessman better known for his political position as Vancouver Mayor. He is also popularly known as the co-founder of the Canadian biggest health Care service for aged people (the nurse next door home health care services). A health care service that also cuts across Countries like Australia and the United States.

While Ken has been in the political world for a few years now, he has achieved more than just being a politician and Mayor-elect of Vancouver.

Ken Sim Profile Summary

Full Name: Kenneth Sim

Nickname: Ken

Date of birth: November 8th 1970

Age: 52 years

Place of birth: Vancouver, British Columbia

Complexion: Fair

Hair colour: Black

Height: 6 ft 5 in (1.98m)

Weight: 65kg, 143Ibs

Place of residence: Vancouver, British Columbia

Parents: Mr. And Mrs. Sims

Father: Francis sim

Nationality: Canada and Chinese

Sexuality: Straight

Marital status: Married

Wife:Teena Gupta Sim

Number of Children: four children

Religion: Christian

Ethnicity/Race: White

Education: University of British Columbia Sauder school of Business.

Qualifications: Bcom in finance

Graduation Year: 1993

Occupation/Career: politician, Mayor-elect, businessman, Dean of the Chandler Academy of Governance

Political position: Mayor-elect

Associated Organization: Board Member at St. Paul’s Foundation, Member Non-Partisan Association, and leader of ABC Vancouver.

Networth: $33million

Social handles;

Facebook: @KennethSim

Instagram: @kennethsim

LinkedIn: @Kennethsim

Wikipedia: @kennethsim

Early Life

Ken Sim lived most of his life in Vancouver, British Columbia in Canada. He was born in 1970 into the family of Mr and Mrs sim. He attended one of the best universities in Canada known by its name; the University of British Columbia where he obtained his Undergraduate degree. By the virtue of Ken’s father being a Chinese man that migrated to Canada, Ken has a dual citizenship which also makes him a citizen of both Canada and China.

Ken grew up loving the act of being an entrepreneur. He has successfully founded and co-founded so many successful businesses. The Businessman became popular in 2022 when he contested for a political seat and won a sitting mayor even without having much knowledge about how politics works.


Ken Sim was born on the 8th of November 1970. As the time of writing this article he is 52 years 


Ken Sim is happily married to the love of his life Teena Gupta Sim, a citizen of Canada.

Who is Ken Sim’s wife?

Teena Gupta Sim, like I’ve mentioned previously, is the wife of Ken sim. She is a mother of 4 kids and She is also the co-founder of the Rosemary rocksalt and the nurse next door healthcare service.

Teena Sim social media handles;

LinkedIn: Teena Gupta Sim

Instagram: Teena Gupta Sim

Facebook: Teena Gupta Sim

Twitter: Teena Gupta Sim


Ken Sim has four (4) children names not yet known at the time of the writing of this article.


Like I’ve pointed out before, Ken Sim was born into the family of Mr and Mrs sim. His father’s name is Francis he also has brothers and sisters and all of them are still alive and healthy.

ken sim family photo


Ken sim had his education in the University of British Columbia Sauder school of Business where he obtained his first degree Bcom in finance. After that he did not furthered from there.

Also, according to Ken’s LinkedIn profile it shows that he is an  FCPA, (FCA) professional which enables him to speak in places like conference and post secondary Universities worldwide.

Source of wealth

For some people Ken Sim’s life achievements started with him breaking through as the new Mayor-elect of Vancouver, but that’s not true. Before he even thought about contesting for the seat of mayor, he has been a wealthy Entrepreneur who is a successful founder of many businesses and also associated with so many other successful businesses.

It is no new again that most of Ken’s source of wealth came from his successful businesses as an Entrepreneur.

Some of the Business he is associated with is follows;

Apollo Medical Inc.: Ken has over 30,000 shares in this company and he is being paid over $2million by the management of the company. The Businessman is also the executive chairman; co-chief Executive officer, and Executive director of this company.

The Nurse next door home healthcare services: this company was founded by ken sim alongside John DeHart in Vancouver, British Columbia in September 2001. This company also cuts across the United States and Australia and the headquarter for this company is located at Vancouver, British Columbia. The function of this company is to offer Medical and non-medical care to seniors.  He earns over $100,000 dollars from this company.

Rosemary rocksalt: just like to nurse next door, he also co-founded the rosemary rocksalt company.

Dean of the Chandler Academy of Governance: Ken is also known to be the dean of the Chandler Academy of Governance.

As Mayor-elect: As a Mayor-elect of Vancouver, British Columbia the all time Vancouver successful Entrepreneur is expected to earn about $185,595.


Ken Sim is among the Canadians wealthiest and most influential entrepreneurs.

Ken’s Net Worth is estimated to be $33million.

Awards won by Ken sim

Ken has won two awards throughout his years of being an entrepreneur and a businessman and these awards are as follows;

EY Entrepreneur of the Year Award (Pacific Region) in the Emerging Entrepreneur category (2006)

EY Entrepreneur of the Year Award (Pacific Region) in the Emerging Healthcare Services category (2016)


Ken Sim is also a philanthropist and cheerful giver who helps people in need.

Political Career

ken sim political rally photos

Ken Sim started off his political career in 2018 when he first contested for the seat of the mayor under the umbrella of the Non-Partisan Association. Even without being knowledgeable about the political game he still finished second runner up to Kennedy Stewart who became the winner of the election.

After losing that year’s election, he went back to his drawing board to find out what he did wrong and made corrections. In October 2022 he boldly came out for the second time to contest for the same position under the umbrella of ABC Vancouver, a political party he created himself and this time won against the Vancouver sitting mayor, Kennedy Stewart.

According to a report, Ken happens to be the second person to win against a sitting mayor in Vancouver since 42 years ago the record was first set. And not just that; he will also be the first Chinese Canadian to have ever done it.

He is expected to assume the seat of mayor on November 7th 2022.

Political Awards

Ken Sim is just starting out his political career as the Mayor-elect of Vancouver. So for now he hasn’t won any political Awards.

Other Names

As a result of his dual citizenship Ken sim also has his Chinese names he is not well known for. The name is 沈觀健 which means hanyu Pinyin a name given to him by his father. According to Wikipedia.


Ken Sim is of the white race with a dual citizenship of Canada and China.


This is where we will wrap it up on the Biography of ken sim a.k.a Kenneth Sims. Hope found it informative. If you have any questions about this Biography you can leave in the comments section.

Note: all the information contained in this article is based on extensive research and none of them were cooked-up.

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