umar wambai biography and everything you need to know about him

umar wambai biography and everything you need to know about

Umar Wambai was a passionate footballer and a dancer who at a point lost it all to Paraplegia after a car accident he had on 18th of July 2013 while traveling with his father from their home town to Zaria. He is also known to be an influential character and an inspiration to other people everywhere he goes.

Umar Wambai Profile Summary

Name: Umar Wambai

Tribe: hausa/Fulani

Age: 27 years old

Date of birth: 1994

Place of birth: Gasau

Country of origin: Nigeria

Country of Residence: united kingdom.

State of origin: Zamfara state

skin colour: white complexion

hair colour: black

Religion: Muslim

Parents: Mr. and Mrs. Umar

Sexuality: straight

Marital status: married

Education: Umaru Musa yar’adua university, katsina and Leeds university.

Qualifications: bachelor’s degree ( Masters degree (Msc) and doctorate degree (PhD)

Instagram: @umarwambai

Facebook: @umarwambai

LinkedIn: @umarwambai

Twitter: @umarwambai

Who is Umar wambai?

Umar was born and raised in his home town Gasau by his parents. He used to be a normal guy and walks normally just like every other person does. He passionately loved and played football which he considered as one of the most important things in his life, and everything was moving smoothly for him not until the day he traveled with his late father to a neighboring state and they had an accident that changed his life. Since then he has become paralyzed and gets wheelchair support to be able to move.

After the car accident which took away Umar’s passion he never saw himself as a loser in life but rather he considered himself a conqueror for conquering death and everything negative it had to offer in life.  He was considered by his friends and family a warrior prince Because of the fact that he never gave up on life.

Even though he is no longer doing what he wants, Umar is all grown now doing incredibly well for himself and his family.

How old is Umar Wambai now?

Umar is 27 years old in year 2022 and he was born in the year 1994

Does Umar Wambai have siblings?

Yes Umar has siblings which he showcases a happy picture of them in the media once in a while.

Which year did Umar Wambai have an Accident?

Like I’ve pointed out before in this article, Umar’s accident occurred on the 18th of July 2013 during his travel from Gasau to Zaria.

Educational background

Umar Wambai acquired his first Student degree (bachelor’s degree) in Nigeria at the Umaru Musa yar’adua university katsina. After that, he did his national youth service corps in Abia State, a state located in the Eastern part of Nigeria before he traveled to the United Kingdom where he acquired his master’s degree and Ph.D. from Leeds university.

Umar Wambai parents

Umar was born into the family of Mr. and Mrs. Wambai, although his father is late now; he was loved so much by his parents and they made sure he never lacked anything as a child.

Umar’s love for his mom

Umar loves her mother so much and believes that she is the most real woman that he has ever come across as a man. He considers his mom the greatest warrior because she is the only person who genuinely Sees him through happiness and pain and gives him encouragement even when nothing seems to work out. He also added that her mom is his number one fan, always at the top to cheer him up and at the button with open arms to carry him when he is down.

umar wambai and his mom
umar wambai and his mom…. picture source is facebook

Umar Wambai’s career and influence

Apart from being a passionate football and dancer which Umar lost to Paraplegia in 2018, he was known so much for the positive influence he left on people around him that everyone including his friends attest to this. He is known to be the kind of person who wants to carry everybody along and make them feel included. 

He doesn’t discriminate against anybody be you, a stranger, or a friend, he treats everybody equally because believes every human being has an equal right.

Some friends said he was an amazing friend while was on his feet and even more amazing now in a wheelchair he never allowed the bad side of life to get to him. He is the type that assures everybody that he’s alright when can clearly see that he isn’t. He is a down-to-earth, humble fellow.

Social Media Handles

The following are the only social media handles of Umar Wambai.

Instagram: @umarwambai

Facebook: @umarwambai

LinkedIn: @umarwambai

Twitter: @umarwambai

Note: after the incident that happened which made him lose his leg, he stopped using Facebook because he lost his account to hackers. The last time he posted on Facebook was in 2017 before he had an accident.

Therefore, if you want to reach him, you can reach him only on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram because that’s the only active social media account he is using right now. You can click on the link above to get to his social media pages


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