Martin Onovo’s Biography; Age, Networth, Political Career, Wikipedia.

Martin Onovo’s Biography; Career, Networth, Wikipedia and everyother things you need to know

Martin Onovo is a petroleum engineer and a Nigerian politician Known for representing the National Conscience Party (NCP) during the 2015 presidential general election. He is also widely known as an ex-staff of the Shell Petroleum Development of Nigeria; a current member of the Institute of Transport Administration, Nigerian Society of Engineers (NSE), and also a member of the Emupo Development Union.

While his career kickstarted at a young age as a petroleum engineer he has done more than just being an engineer throughout his career.

Martin Onovo Biography Summary

Name: martins onovo

Age: 53 years old

Date of birth: 7th February 1969

Place of birth: Owerri, Imo state

Country of Origin: Nigeria

Place of residence: federal capital territory Abuja, Nigeria.

State of origin: IMO state.

Tribe: Igbo

Title: chieftaincy title (chief martins Onovo)

Marital status: married

Parents: Mr. and Mrs. Onovo

Religion: Christianity

University Attended: the University of Ibadan, University of Houston.

Qualifications: (Hons) in petroleum engineering and (Hons) in petroleum engineering at Houston.

Career/Occupation: petroleum engineer, politician; ex-presidential contestant in the 2011 and 2015 general elections.

Organization Associated with: Institute of Transport Administration in Nigeria, Nigerian Society of Engineers, Emupo Development Union, National Conscience Party of Nigeria (NCP).

Networth: $4.1million

Twitter: @Martinsonovo

Facebook: @martinsonovo

Biography in Details: 

Who is Martin Onovo?

The formal Nigerian presidential contestant who is also a public affairs analyst nowadays is seen in many public interviews where he discusses politics, especially Nigerian politics. He is one of those politicians who play pure democratic politics. He believes that there is no difference between the two most powerful parties in Nigeria ( All ProgressivesCongress(APC), and Peoples Democratic Party (PDP)) he went ahead to say that these two parties are filled with similar people with selfish interests, that once power is given to the right person, Nigeria will be great again.

Educational background

Martins Onovo did his kindergarten and primary school at Trans Ekulu Primary School in Enugu state. After his primary school days, he moved to Nike national grammar school where he attended his secondary school education which happens to be in the same Enugu state.

After that, he moved to the university of Ibadan where he studied petroleum engineering and bagged his first degree ( Hons) as a petroleum engineer. Before he finally moved to the university of Houston in the United States of America where he acquired his master’s degree in petroleum engineering.

How old is Martin Onovo now?

Martins Onovo is 53 years of age in 2022. He was born on February 7th, 1969 in Owerri.

Where is Martin Onovo from?

Martins is from Owerri, Imo state located in the Southeastern part of Nigeria.

When did Martin Onovo make his first political move?

martin onovo
martin Onovo presidential campaign flyer

Martins made his first political move in 2011 when he first contested for the presidential seat as the nominated presidential candidate of the Action Alliance (AA) party. He again made is second appearance in 2015 when he contested as the nominated presidential candidate for the National Conscience Party (NCP) where he contested alongside Ibrahim Mohammed as his running mate.

He has only contested for the presidential seat two times in his entire political career.

During the 2015 general election, some people applauded him for his manifesto but some insisted that he was using the same strategy as the formal Nigerian president good luck Jonathan during the electoral debates and campaign. Some netizens advised him to Join forces with Jonathan.

Martin Onovo Married?

Chief Martin is happily married to his wife with kids.

How wealthy is Martins Onovo?

Martins Onovo Networth is guesstimated to be $4.1million most of which comes from his work as a professional petroleum engineer.

He built houses in several places in Nigeria including his home town and he also has cars to his name.

Business History

Martins Onovo after his graduation from the University a petroleum engineer in 1991, worked as a staff with Shell Petroleum Development before he left for the United States to further his education. He belongs to the following groups;

  • Institute of Transport Administration
  • Nigerian Society of Engineers (MNSE) 
  • Emupo Development Union.
  • Head of Policy at the Movement for Fundamental Change (MFC)


Chief Martins Onovo is Known as one of those few Nigerian politicians who campaign for good governance. He claimed to be a democrat and he believed so much in democracy. He is so allergic to bad governance that he said the MFC supported groups that decided to mark the day with a “Buhari must go” campaign in 2021.

Social Media handles of martins onovo

Chief Martin is signed to fewer social media handles which include Twitter and Facebook. And his account is all active and he runs by himself.

Martin Onovo family:

There is no serious information regarding Chief Martin’s family. He always keeps everything about his family on the low.

Which Country does Martin Onovo Reside in presently?

Martins resides somewhere in Nigeria, even though he still travels outside the country for one reason or the other best known to him.  

Below is the link to his social media handles.

Facebook: @martinsonovo

Twitter: @martins onovo

Note: this is only the official social media handle of Onovo Martin. beware of other social media accounts that will disguise and try to impersonate him. Apart from these two social media platforms, he doesn’t belong to any other social media platforms.

These two accounts are the medium that he uses to pass information to his followers and to the general public.


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