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Everything you need to know about Israel Oladele Ogundipe’s biography

Israel Oladele Ogundipe is a pastor, a prophet, and the founder shepherd of the celestial church of Christ genesis global.  He is well known for his prophetic ministry service at the church, he is also popularly known as a Motivational Speaker, controversial speaker, general overseer, and Author who has written several books in his name. 

While he has worked so hard as a pastor in his church ministry, his church as of now happens to be one of the fastest-growing churches in Nigeria and in the world at large.

Israel Oladele Ogundipe’s Bio-Data Summary

Name: Israel Oladele ogundipe

Country: Nigeria

Religion: Christianity 

Tribe: Yoruba

Date of birth: was born on the 10th of March 1947

Age: he is 48 years old ( as of 2022)

State of Origin: Ogun state, Nigeria

Place of birth: Egba in abeokuta, ogun state Nigeria

Place of residence: Lagos State, Nigeria.

Parents: Mr. and Mrs. sanyaolu

Sexuality: straight

Marital status: Married

Wife’s name: Adeshola Oladele ogundipe

Children: 3 children

occupations/career: general overseer, pastor, author, and motivational speaker 

Networth: $100,000

Educational History: Obafemi Awolowo university and university of technology ile ife.

Trending Controversial speech: “I will vote for a yoruba man not an igbo man in”.

Church founded; celestial church of Christ genesis global

Youtube: @isrealoladeleogundipe

Facebook: @isrealoladeleogundipe

Instagram: @isrealoladeleogundipe

Twitter: @isrealoladeleogundipe

Personal Webpage:

Who is Israel Oladele ogundipe? 

 Israel is pastor and a prophet who came into the limelight due to the prophetic wonders and healing he is doing in his church. He lived half of his life as a ministry pastor at his church. He is also still the general overseer and founder of the celestial church of Christ genesis global.

Isreal Oladele ogundipe
Picture of Isreal Oladele ogundipe preaching in the church

Who was Isreal Oladele Ogundipe Before he rose to stardom?

Growing up as a child from a poor background Israel struggled so hard to make it in life.

He was born into the family of Mr. and Mrs. sanyaolu. Her mother was a pepper seller and his dad is a daily hustler who also struggled to make ends meet. According to him in an interview he said that his father struggled with poverty till the day he died.  Although my parents were poor then, they were so rich in the world of God which prepared and shaped me into the man I became today. So

Israel and his six siblings lived in a one bedroom apartment in Oshodi then in Lagos State, Oftentimes he sleeps at the market. Poverty was what actually drove him away from his parents house to start hustling for his life. He did so many menial jobs which included running errands for people in the market just to eat, hawking breads, sachet water and so on, Before he could be where he is today.

How the Celestial church of Christ genesis global was formed by Israel Oladele ogundipe.

Israel was a member of the CAC church where his mother also worshiped. According to him, he left the CAC church due to poverty and how his mom was insulted and bullied because he always wore one cloth and shoe to the church. He also added that his today’s founded church came as an inspiration to him after he left CAC church. And since then he has liberated himself and his family from poverty.

Which year did Isreal Oladele ogundipe founded his church (the celestial church of Christ genesis global)?

Israel became a pastor in the Celestial church about 21 years before founding the Celestial church of Christ genesis global 11 years later, particularly in 2011.

The Celestial church of Christ genesis global which is located in igando axis in the city of lagos state has over 10,000 registered active members world wide. His members love him so much that his elderly members nicknamed him woli dele.

What happened to Israel Oladele ogundipe?

In the year 2011, Israel was found guilty in a case labeled against him. A seven charge case of defrauding a United Kingdom based Nigerian woman of Yoruba descent by name olaide Williams-oni. He was said to have defrauded this lady off her 11 million Naira under a false pretense. This case was leveled against him in the Lagos State, ikeja high court of law. He was sentenced to two years in prisoned by the court, And was ordered by the judge to payback the 11 million Naira he illegally obtained from the her.

Who are Israel Oladele ogundipe parents?

Israel was born into the family of Mr. and Mrs. sanyaolu his late father was a Muslim while his mother was a Christian

Where is Israel Oladele ogundipe from?

Israel hails from Egba in Abeokuta, Ogun state; a place located at the western part of Nigeria. he has six siblings.

Who is Israel Oladele ogundipe’s wife?

Israel is officially married to Adeshola oladele ogundipe, She is also a pastoress, she was the one who took over her husband’s duty and oversaw the church and home affairs during the days of his trials in court. She is 27 years old.

Israel Oladele ogundipe’s Children?

Israel has just three children; his first daughter was given birth in the year 2019 and his second child in 2021 while his last child was given birth to in 2022.

Educational History

Isreal oladele ogundipe did his primary and secondary school in oshodi lagos state and then moved to university of technology in ile ife where he acquired his first degree and then obafemi awolowo university where he acquired his second degree. According to him, the universities he attended were all on scholarships he never paid any dime till he graduated.


Based on the estimate on his achievements so far, isreal oladele ogundipe is Worth about $100,000.


Isreal Oladele ogundipe is also known as and called genesis which is a nickname given to him by his parishioners and the elders of his church also nicknamed him woli dele a yoruba name.


This is all you need to know about the famous pastor isreal Oladele ogundipe Biography.

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