David Jones David’s Biography: Networth, Age, Family, wife, Background, Lifestyle, Awards, songs, children, Wikipedia.

David Jones David’s Biography: Networth, Age, Family, wife, Background, Lifestyle, Awards, songs, children, Wikipedia.

David jones David also Known as D.J.D is a singer, songwriter, and content creator who is known for his viral social media music videos that campaign against drug abuse among youths. He is also widely known as a Nollywood actor, TV show presenter, producer, sound engineer, and director.

D.J.D came into the limelight as a Nollywood actor in the year 2015 by being a part of the cast that acted in one of the best telenovela drama series show produced in Nigeria film industry titled the hotel majestic, a movie written by Tunde Aladese, which he also featured some of the best Nigerian actors and actresses like; Ivie Okujaye, Sadiq Daba, Oge Okoye, and Bukky Ajayi. 

After his first movie, he also acted in a few other Nollywood movies which we are going to share with you later in this article.

While he was known to have kick-started his career as an actor in the Nollywood industry in 2015 at a young age, he has since then engaged less in acting and engaged more in singing and content creation.

David Jones David’s profiles Summary

Name: David Jones David

Nickname: D.J.D

Date of birth: June 21th 1994

Age: 27 years old (as of the time of writing this article in the year 2022)

Place of birth: Akwa Ibom state, Nigeria

Place of Residence: Lagos State, Nigeria

Nationality: Nigeria

Tribe: Ibibio/IBO

Marriage status: Married

Relationship status: Married

Sexuality: Straight

Fiance: Enose Oriarewoh

Language spoken: Ibibio, IBO, Hausa, and Yoruba

Children: None

Mother: Aret Cyril

Education: Federal College of Education Zaria

Religion: Christianity

Networth: $300,00 Dollars

Occupation: Singer, Content Creator, Actor, producer, writer, and presenter.

Social handles;

YouTube: @davidjonesdavid

Instagram: @davidjonesdavid

Facebook: @davidjonesdavid

Twitter: @davidjonesdavid

Boomplay: @davidjonesdavid

Soundtrack: @davidjonesdavid

Who is David Jones David?

The talented singer and content creator has been the talk of the town by Nigerians since the release of his first anti-drug campaign song in 2017 a song titled onye-ara an IBO word(which means a crazy person when translated into English). The song was a hit and since then he has been doing wonders with his music career and content creation.

 Where is David Jones David from?

David hails from Akwa Ibom state, a state located in the southern part of Nigeria. His siblings are still yet Unknown.

Who is David Jones David’s Mother?

David’s mother’s name is Aret Cyril, she is known to be a property consultant and a legal practitioner. Jones loves her mother and holds her in very high esteem more than any other woman in her life.

How old is David Jones David now?

David Jones David was born in 1994 in the month June 21st. So as of the time of writing this article, David is 27 years in the year 2022.

Educational Background

The talented singer and songwriter obtained his first school leaving certificate in unity primary and secondary kano and also obtained his O’level Certificate in the same school. After that, he enrolled in the federal college of education Zaria where he studied English and social studies education and obtained his higher national diploma. 

Why David Jones David’s Started a campaign song against Drug Abuse and Misuse

In one of the interviews David had with Wazobia media, he took his time to explain the reason why he started a campaign song. Even though people think he has been a victim before. He assured the interviewer that has never done such a thing in his life. He went on to explain further that the reason he makes it look real is to make sure the message is well passed and understood by his viewers and listeners.

The video is here.

When did David Jones Start Singing?

David Jones Started off as a cover singer on social media where he makes covers of hit songs of big artists, from there he started getting inspired to write and sing his own songs. Until 2017 when he released his first hit song.

Here is one of the covers he did 6 years ago.

David jones David freestyle

David Jones David’s Movies.

In 2014 David was featured in a Nollywood movie called juju. Not as an actor but as a music composer. This movie also featured some of the following actors; 

Gabriel Afolayan

Omowunmi Dada

Kelechi Udegbe

Meg Otanwa

Chidozie Nzeribe

Brutus Richard

Jumoke Ayadi

Paul Utomi

Tommy Oyewole

Yvonne Enakhena

Kelechi Joseph

Emeka Okoye

The movie was written and directed by C.J. Fiery Obasi.

In 2015 he was featured in a telenovela drama series called Hotel majestic, a movie that brought him to the limelight. As I’ve pointed out before, the movie also featured notable actors and actresses like 

Sadiq Daba, Gloria Young, Tina Mba, Oge Okoye, Bukky Ajayi and Anne Njemanze. 

After that movie he has Also featured in a series of other Nollywood movies which are as follows;

Betrayal (2016)

On the real (2016)

Fall guy (2018)

Imperfect me (2018)

Òlòtūré (2019)

Omo ghetto (2020)

Blood sisters (2022)

Living in bondage.

Awards Nomination

AMVCA 2017 AWARD WINNER: David Jones was nominated and awarded the Best Actor in the drama series AMVCA Award in 2017. He was also a golden movie award nominee in the same year.

David Jones David’s songs

Before becoming a solo artist, David worked with several media companies where he acted as a producer and also a singer in the media production. One of these media companies he has worked for is Rockhouse media; he worked with them for more than a year before joining Angels media where he worked another year (2008 to 2009), before opening his own personal media company known as D.J.D media.

David has sung so many songs which also include features he has done with big names like; Kenny black, Solomon Lange, Emma OMG, Serena Lilian, and others.

His songs are as follows;

I Go Show You (feat. Serena Lillian) · 2019

Giant Killer (feat. Serena Lillian & Chielota Aneto) · 2019

Check On Someone (feat. Kenny Black & Emma Oh Ma God) · 2020

Hello Doctor · 2018

Follow Follow (feat. Serena Lillian) · 2019

Good Loving · 2022

Even Though · 2018

Onye Ara · 2017

Amen Medley · 

Yayi · 2021

Gbana Na Bastard · 2018

Credit My Account · 2020

Salute · 2021

Ma Lo (My Love) · 2020

Today Na My Baiday · 

Itoro · 2019

No, Be Lamba

Mkpuru Mmiri · 2021

Go Sidon For Gutter · 2022

Mgbidi Jerico · 2021

Ndiduok · 2019

Mumu Button · 2019

Iye · 2022

You Dey High Me · 

Imara · 2020

Today Na Your Baiday

Mma Mma · 2020

Beauty And Brain · 2022

Gimmie Your Lovin’ (feat. Serena Lillian) · 2020

Jingle Bell · 2018

Choplife · 2021

No, be Lamba

David Jones David’s Lifestyle;

David is a dude known for his low-key lifestyle; he doesn’t show off just like most celebrities do. He chose to maintain a low profile about himself.

Is David Jones Married?

Yes, he is officially married, however, he is happily married to his lover Enose Oriarewoh who is a beautician and an Instagram model.

How old is her fiance?

Apart from her name and her work which was made public, nothing else about this lady has been disclosed publicly.

David Jones David’s Endorsement

Since his emergence as a solo singer and content creator, David has landed so many multi-million Naira endorsements which go from MTN endorsements to highlife fest endorsements and the list still goes on and on.


this is where we conclude this article about everything you need to know about David Jones David’s biography.

Always note that all the information you see contained in this article was gotten based on research and non of them was a cooked-up story. therefore if you have any questions you want to ask about David Jones David you can do well to leave them in the comment section and we will answer them.

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