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Arber Shehu is a certified medical doctor and the present associate medical director of AstraZeneca, a Known British-Swedish pharmaceutical and biotechnology company with its headquarters based in England. 

He was born in the year 1989 and he will be 34 years old in 2023.

He was a former medical researcher at the Johns Hopkins school of medicine medical laboratory; a former nutrition research analyst at heali; a nutrition tech company and also one of the 2022 Jason Madison university commencement speakers. 

Early life

Dr. Arber at johns Hopkins hospital

Arber Shehu was born in Kosovo by his parents in a small village in the Republic of Kosovo, a country located in southeastern Europe. He was just 9 years old when the Kosovo war started and his mother had to escape with him and his two sisters out of the country to Albania where they lived for a while and then relocated to North Macedonia from where they relocated to the United States as refugees.

They lived as refugees in the United States for just 3 months before returning to their home country (Kosovo) after the war was over and their country became liberated and stable Once again. After Arber and his family returned back to the country, he went back to school to continue his education but was cut short by the armed conflict.


Arber Shehu attended his high school Education at one of the high schools in his village in Kosovo after which he completed all the prerequisites required classes required of him to go to medical school.

He attended a medical school in Prishtina called the University of Prishtina Medical School, a medical school located in his country’s (Kosovo) capital. During his final year in medical school, he proceeded to the United States for a work and study program after which he went back to his country for graduation. He graduated with a doctor of medicine degree making him a certified medical field doctor.

He returned back again to the United States after his graduation for a one-year internship at the Midlands memorial hospital in Texas where he was trained in the medical profession after his internship, he returned to his country.

After that, he applied for a master’s degree program with a concentration in nutrition at the Jason Madison university and was accepted by the school. He was able to finish the program with an assistantship provided by the institution and he graduated with a master of health science degree in nutrition sciences.

He is also a graduate of The Johns Hopkins University – Carey Business School with a certificate in Master of Business Administration – MBA  focusing on Health and Health Care Administration and Management, innovation, and technology. 

And he is also working on his Ph.D. program at New Jersey’s Rutgers University.


Dr. Arber with his colleague in the hospital

Arber Shehu first worked as a general physician at a Spinal Center; Neurosurgery Outpatient Clinic located in his home country (Kosovo) after his graduation from medical school in that same period He worked with a medical mission exchange for a short time as the medical coordinator.

 In 2020 after his graduation from the Jason Madison university, he worked as a nutrition research analyst at Heali for a few months before he secured a position at the Johns Hopkins university school of medicine as a medical researcher and co-investigator in a group of other scholarly researchers, where They focus on the efficacy of vaccines and to help in providing physicians with legitimate information on the best practices in the treatment of Covid-19. He worked as a medical researcher at JHU school of medicine for almost 2 years before he secured a position at AstraZeneca in October 2022 where he is now working as an associate medical director of the company.


Arber Shehu’s Mother

Arbers’ father and uncles were killed during the 1998 Kosovo armed conflict war. His mother was a deputy member of the Kosovo Assembly and one of the people who fought for the declaration of Kosovo as a sovereign state. He has two siblings who are girls making him the only male child in his family.


As of the time of writing this article Arber Shehu is not yet Married. And there is also no further information as to whether he is in a relationship or not.

Net worth

Arber Shehu’s net worth could not be correctly verified for now


Arber maintains a responsible lifestyle; he is more focused on his career and ways to improve himself every day without any setbacks. In less than a year, He has been a co-author in many scholarly Publications in the top medical journals and several additional Publications are also in the oven. He has appeared in several televised interviews in Kosovo where he discussed the prevention, control, and treatment of Covid-19. He has been opportune to work with some of the great doctors in the United States. He believes in making so many positive impacts in the life of people anywhere he goes.

Arber Shehu Profile Summary

Full name: arber shehu

Nickname: None

Current Place of residence: united states

Nationality: Kosovo

Sexuality: straight

Children: None

Religion: unknown

Skin Complexion: light skinned

Hair color: black

Eyes color: black

Height: 6″1 

Social media handles

Instagram: @arbershehu

Facebook: @arbershehu

LinkedIn: @arbershehu

Instagram: @arbershehu

Pinterest: @arbershehu

Twitter: @arbershehu

YouTube channel: Arber has no youtube channel associated with his name.

Wikipedia: Arber Shehu does not have any Wikipedia profile about him for now.

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