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Marleine Bastien is a certified clinical social worker, activist, and songwriter from Haiti. She was born on the 3rd of August 1959 and she will be 64 years in 2023.

She is also known as the current executive director and the founder of the Haitian Women of Miami, a nonprofit agency whose name was later changed to Family Action Network Movement, FANM. 

While she is widely recognized as a social worker, she has archived more than just being a social worker for the people of Haiti.

Early life

Marleine Bastien was born and raised in Haiti by her parents, in a small village named Pont-Benoit. Growing up as a child, she taught as a volunteer in a school located in her village where she tutored adults and children on how to read and write at the age of 8, which marked her first volunteer work. In her teenage age, she also worked as a volunteer at one of the biggest hospitals in the town of Deschapelles, in Haiti named the Albert Schweitzer Hospital, where she helped out in the feeding of starving babies left by their biological parents. Marleine’s childhood and teenage life were lived in their home country Haiti before she left Haiti in her early 20s (adulthood age) after he was done with her high school education.


Marleine Bastien had his primary and secondary school education at a Catholic School named the esteemed Swiss school, College Bird, a school located at Port-Au-Prince the country’s capital. After her secondary school education, she left for Miami to further her Education in a higher institution, but before she proceeded to a higher institution she also went to Miami-Dade Community College (MDCC). At first, she wanted to study law or any medical-related course, but it was not until she was changed by a Cuban advisor who encouraged her to try out other realistic courses. 

She later attended the Florida International University where she graduated with a bachelor’s degree, (Bsc Hons) in social work in the year 1986. In 1987 she also got her master’s degree (MSc) in social work from the same university. 


swearing in of marleine Bastien as the district 2 Commissioner

Marleine Bastien started her first official work after her master’s degree program as a Medical social worker with families and children who live with human deficiency virus (HIV) / AIDS and sickle cell anemia at the Jackson Memorial hospital. 

In 2002 Marleine resigned from her work at Jackson memorial hospital to fully manage the Family Action Network Movement, FANM. An agency she first founded in the year 1991 with the name Haitian Women of Miami. The agency (FANM) was founded with the aim of helping and advocating for the Haitian community in Miami, especially the women and children.

Aside from FANM, Bastien was also the brain behind the formation of the Justice Coalition for the Haitian Children of Guantanamo. She was the former chairperson of the Florida Immigration coalition and also the former vice chairperson of the Haitian-American Grassroots Coalition.

In 2022, Marleine contested for the District 2 seat on the Miami-Dade Commission against Philippe Bien-Aime a two-term mayor of North Miami and came out victorious winning her opposition with a vote percentage margin of 59% to 41% which led her to become the first we ever Haitian American woman to win a seat on the board.


Marleine Bastien has won so many Awards and has also archived a lot throughout her years in service as a social worker.

U.S Essence Magazine listed her in the top 35 Most Remarkable Women in the World in the year 2005. 

She has successfully worked on so many vital campaigns over the course of 30 solid years as a social worker which also includes the following;

Comprehensive Immigration Reform.

Haitian Immigration Refugee Fairness Act of 1998.

Temporary Protected Status.

Living Wage and Human Rights Ordinance, and the Children’s Trust.

During her formation of the Justice Coalition for the Haitian Children of Guantanamo, she was called up at one of Oprah Winfrey’s shows where shared her expertise in a discussion about the devastating impact that prolonged detention at Guantanamo had on Haitian children in 1995.

The various Awards she has won are as follows;

Social Worker of the Year Award, Miami-Dade County (2000)

Human Rights Award from Amnesty International (2000)

Women of the Year Award by Ms. Magazine (2001)

WEB Dubois, NAACP Miami-Dade Branch (2002)

Leadership for a Changing World Award by the Ford Foundation (2002)

Women Who Make a Difference Award, Miami Law Women (2003)

U.S. Human Rights Movement Builders Award (2013)

Stanley Milledge Lifetime Achievement Award (2015)

Net Worth

Marleine Bastien’s net worth is estimated to be around $2 – $4 million dollars.


Marleine Bastien was the third child of her parents among her 8 siblings. Her father’s name is Philippe Bastien and her mother’s name is Destinoble. Her father was a Known farmer and the only health practitioner in Petite Riviere de L ‘Artibonite, a village in Haiti.  He also built the first school in the village where his children once taught as volunteers during summer break vacation, due to a series of issues with the government during the 80s, Marleine’s father later permanently relocated to glades, Florida with his family. And just like Marleine’s father, her mother was also a serial farmer.


Marleine Bastien is married to Jean Desire, a Florida-based poet and actor. They first met each other in 1987 in a dance/drama company known as Sosyete Koukouy (Firefly Society) a company led by a dude called Jan Mapou, they later got married in the year 1988 and they both have 3 kids and all of them are boys. 


Marleine Bastien was a staunch social activist and one of the spokespersons for the black community in Miami.  Through her activism, she made a great positive change in socially protecting the rights of the masses. Her activism movement has made her a positive luminary among Haitians and in Florida. 

As an activist, Marleine became the premiere advocate for patients’ rights at Jackson memorial hospital, She was the only women advocate for HIV protocol when men were the only focus. Her impact as an activist is something that can never be forgotten in a hurry.

Profile Summary

Full name: arber shehu

Nickname: None

Current Place of residence: united states

Nationality: Haitian/American

Sexuality: straight

Children: 3 kids

Religion: unknown

Skin Complexion: Black skinned

Hair color: black

Eyes color: black

Height: 5″1 

Social media handles

Instagram: @MarleineBastien

Facebook: @MarleineBastien

LinkedIn: @MarleineBastien

Instagram: @MarleineBastien

Pinterest: None

Twitter: @MarleineBastien

YouTube channel: Marleine Bastien has no youtube channel associated with his name.

Wikipedia: Marleine Bastien does not have any Wikipedia profile about him for now.

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