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Sharon Eiland is a prophetess and minister of God based in the United States of America. She is also known as a gospel singer and song composer in Revival Center Family Church.  

The prophetess has her full name to be Sharon Seay Whitelaw Eiland and she was born on the 8th of May 1965 in the United States, Presently she is 58 years old.

She first came to the limelight in 2002 and became the center of gospel attraction after her message on “Sold Out To Holiness, Destiny Can’t Stop Here”; since then she has been one of the most powerful prophets to ever grace the Christian gospel stage.

Early Life

Sharon Eiland was born and raised in the United States in Tullahoma, a city in Coffee and Franklin counties in southern Middle Tennessee. She grew up with her parents who were also were also devoted Christians.

Educational Background

Sharon went to a school located in the United States.


Sharon Eiland’s career kickstarted at a very young age as a singer and gospel composer when she was just 3 years. Then, she was singing in her childhood church at Revival Center Family Church, way back then, she was the lead singer of the church.

She served as a singer in the church for many years before her prophetic gift was discovered by her then-pastor, Which led her to the prophetess she was today. She became the first woman in her church to preach before the elder even in the absence of the special women’s function (the only period when women are given the liberty to preach before the elders).

Her journey as a prophetess became more clear to her after she got worldwide recognition from her 2002 message on Sold Out To Holiness and Destiny Can’t Stop Her.

Since then her life has never been the same. She has traveled to many countries of the world preaching the Christian gospel. She has preached in many seminars and conferences, especially women’s conferences.

She is one of the widely recognized female prophetesses both in and outside the United States. 

All her messages are centered on Christian holiness and Godliness.

The prophetess is a role model and a mentor to many ladies. One of her watchwords to women in the ministry is to always be careful not to sacrifice their families for one more ministry-speaking engagement, and they should also try as much as possible to strike a balance between their family and gospel ministry.


There is no record of Sharon Eiland’s marriage or whether she has a fiance or not.

She is known to be a single mother who has given birth to four kids.


Prophetess Sharon has preached so many sermons and as I’ve pointed out before, her sermons are all centered on holiness and Godliness. some of her gospel sermons are as seen below;

She is still doing her gospel work to this day.


Sharon has no profile set on Wikipedia’s official website.

Social Handles

Facebook: None

Instagram: None

Twitter: None

LinkedIn: None

Youtube: None

Prophetess Sharon has no personal social media page handles to his name.


Sharon Eiland’s lifestyle is engulfed in her Christian belief, she always maintains a low-profile life even with her fame and success.

Sharon eiland


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  1. I heard a snippet of the sermon ‘Holiness or Hell’,. I am so hooked on wanting to follow her. I have recently rededicated my life back to Christ and i am SOLD OUT for HIM! Thank you for this info and I’m thankful that I can at least see some of her videos! Omg.,, so powerful and needed! I wish she was on at least one social media platform so more of her light can be grasped!!!! Wow. To GOD BE THE GLORY FOR THE THINGS HE HAS DONE!!!!

  2. I just listened to a snippet of one of her sermons and had to Google her. I’ve never heard her before. What a powerful message on reaching your destiny. One thing I noted is that her husband was on stage with her during the message. If she’s single now, she was married before.


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