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Laura Walton

Laura Walton is the president of the CUPE’s Ontario school board council of unions representing over 50,000 CUPE education workers in Ontario, Canada. She is also a mental health advocate, an activist, and an expert advisor by trade.

She has been the president of the association for over 3 years and still counting. Although her real age is still unknown to the public, her body stature and physical appearance depict that of a woman in her late 30s or early 40s.

Early life

Laura Walton was born and raised in Ontario, a province in east-central Canada that borders the U.S. 

Educational Background

Laura Walton’s educational background can be traced back to Canada, her home country. She graduated from a high school in Canada and also went to one of the best universities in Canada.


Laura Walton

Growing up as a child Laura has always loved and wanted to be a teacher, particularly a children’s teacher, but couldn’t at the time, because of the glutes of teachers in the 90s. She later tutored teenagers, especially those coming out of the criminal justice system and trying to go back to school. From there she ended up joining the CUPE and also attended their meeting.

Laura Walton was appointed as the president of the CUPE’s Ontario school board council of unions in 2018 representing 55,000 Canadian Union of Public Employees. She has spent four years as the president of the Union and still counting her years as the president of the Union.


There was no reasonable information to verify her net worth.


There was not much information regarding who Laura Walton’s parents were. But according to her, her father was a school principal and her mother was a school secretary.


Laura and her husband on her wedding day

Laura Walton is happily married to her husband Mr. Walton. The two have been married for over 17 years and they’re still together today.


Laura’s daughter
Laura Walton's  son
Laura Walton’s son

Laura Walton has a son and daughter. Her daughter is 20 years in 12th July 2022 she studies in a law school in Wales and his son Mason is 18 years and still in high school in Canada as of 2022.


CUPE’s protest which was led by their president laura

Laura Walton is a staunch activist who strongly believes that a failed government of Ontario can be changed in a positive direction through pressures from activism.

She so much believes in politics and urges both the youth and the old to be part of politics in order to always vote for a better government. Her activeness in politics can be seen through her tweets and actions.

As the president of OSCU, She always fights for workers’ monetary and social rights, making sure that the educational workers get higher payouts.


Laura Walton trended recently on the major news headlines in Ontario on Monday, November 7th, 2022 after calling off the educational workers’ strike. This action was taken by her after the Ontario premiere Douglas Robert Ford said he will revoke the controversial Bill 28 legislation if the educational workers stop their strike. She got so much support and praise from the people of Ontario for her indispensable action.


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