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goran gogic
Goran-Gogic in the boxing ring

Goran Gogic is a formal heavyweight boxer from Montenegro, a Balkan country with rugged mountains, medieval villages, and a narrow strip of beaches along its Adriatic coastline.

He was born on August 4, 1979, and he is 44 years Presently.

He has his full name from birth to be Goran Kristijan Gogic. And height is 6′ 5″ inches and 195 centimeters.

Early life

Goran Gogic was born and raised in his home country Montenegro, a southeastern European Country in a small city called Pljevlja, He lived most of his life there and he still resides in his home country. 


Goran graduated from high school in Montenegro after which he attended a university where he graduated with a degree.


Goran’s career started at a young age when he developed a passionate interest in boxing. At the senior level, He was coached by a German boxer Fritz Sdunek, Fritz was a professional boxer trainer also based in Germany.

Goran made his first career debut as a professional boxer in the boxing ring on the 6th day of June 2001 where he fought a german boxer, Alexander Kahl. where he fought to get a draw. He fought Alexander again on October 6th of the same year and won his first-ever boxing match as a professional boxer.

Since then, he has played a total of 27 matches throughout his career having won 21 matches and had a knockout in 14 of his total 21 matches won, had two matches drawn, and lost only four matches in his entire career as a boxer. He fought with 23 different professional boxers and Goran left boxing in 2012, after his boxing match against Liviu Ungureanu on the 7th of July 2012 where he secured a clean win against Ungureanu to Mark his retirement.

He has gone 115 rounds in his entire career and had a ratio of 51.85% KOs. Presently Goran is no longer into heavyweight boxing.

The list of boxers Goran Gogic has fought in his entire career from 2001 to 2012 is as follows;

Alexander khal(2001)

Bradley rone(2001)

Peter boldan(2002)

Ivica perkovic(2002)

Farhat chaanoune(2003)

Marek zelo(2003)

Bako Sauer(2003)

Sandor forgacs(2004)

Pavel vanacek(2004)

Vladislav Druso(2004)

Engin solmaz (2004)

Constantin onofrei(2004)

Oleg belikov(2006)

Alexander vasilev(2006)

Zoltan beres(2006)

Adnan serin(2006)

Aleh Dubiaha(2005)

Pedro carrion (2006)

Ladislav kovarik (2007)

Peter simko (2007)

Cisse salif (2007)

Ozcan Cetinkaya (2007)

Tayar mehmed (2011)

Serdar Uysal (2012)

Liviu ungureanu (2012)

Fighting with these people, Goran had multiple matches with a few of them like Bradley Rone, Alexander Khal, Tayar Mehmed, Ivica Perkovic, Peter Bolden, and Serdar Uysal.


Goran Gogic’s net worth is estimated to be $1.5 million

Source of wealth

The 250-pound heavyweight boxer earned a huge amount of money as a boxer including when he retired he had several endorsements to his name and that is where he earned his money from.


Goran Gogic is not yet Married and also according to a source he also doesn’t have a child yet. 

Awards won

No awards won, Goran does not have any awards.


There was no information regarding who his parents were.

Social handles

Facebook: None

Instagram: None

Twitter: None

LinkedIn: None

Youtube: None

Goran Gogic has no social media page handles with his name.

Wikipedia: there is no Wikipedia profile associated with Goran’s name

Latest Trends Goran Gogic

On the 1st of November 2022 Goran’s name made the news headline in the United States as a drug trafficker who was caught in the act. According to news as seen on CNN and the US Department of Justice’s official website, the former heavyweight boxer was charged with the trafficking of cocaine worth over $ 1 billion which he was about to ship to Europe. 

He was detained on a Sunday night when he tried to book an international flight from Miami to the US. He was charged under the US maritime drug law enforcement activities for the violator of the act and if he is found guilty of the violation he will be serving a 10 years jail term or even life in imprisonment.

According to a US attorney, Goran attempted to move over 20 tons of cocaine worth $ 1 billion out of the state before he was caught and detained. He further added that Goran’s drug conspiracy is the highest drug conspiracy that the United States has ever witnessed.

Goran was quarantined and still in detention as of the time of writing this article and will have his first court hearing on November 7th, 2022.


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