Nana Sani Kazaure biography; Age, Career, Children

Nana Sani Kazaure is an entrepreneur, mother, and public speaker. She is also popularly known as an appointed member and spokesperson of the obi-Datti campaign team. She was appointed alongside Tanko Yinusa, Kenneth Okonkwo, dele Farotimi, Ime Ufot, Ndi Kato, and Umar Ibrahim.

She came to the limelight after being appointed as one of the spokespersons of the obi-Datti campaign team in 2022.

Because of the position assigned to her as one of the spokespersons for Mr. Peter obi presidential campaign she has been on many Nigerian television talk shows where the Nigeria issues and the presidential campaign is being discussed since October 2022.

Nana Sani Kazaure  Profile Summary

Full name: Nana Sani kazaure

Age: 32

Date of birth: August 1990

Place of birth: Kazaure, Jigawa state

Place of residence: Abuja

State of origin: Jigawa state

Nationality: Nigeria

Tribe: Hausa

Religion: Muslim

Sexuality: straight

Marital status: married

Husband: Shehu Sani

Occupation: entrepreneur

Twitter handle: @nanasanikazure

Instagram: None

Facebook: None

LinkedIn: None

Tiktok: None

Who is Nana Sani Kazaure?

Nana is a Nigerian entrepreneur and a mother who has achieved so much in her entrepreneurship journey. She is also known as a fan of good parenting and a youth rights activist.

Where is Nana Sani Kazaure from?

Nana hails from Jigawa state, a state located in the northern part of Nigeria.

How old is Nana Sani Kazaure now?

Nana will be 32 in 2022. She was born in August 1990 in a small town called Kazaure Jigawa state.

Educational Background

Nana is a highly educated and vibrant young woman. She had her education in one of the reputable universities in Nigeria and had her primary and secondary school in her hometown in Jigawa state.

When did Nana Sani Kazaure start her political Career?

Nana’s whole life was an entrepreneur-focused life and it has been like that not until October 2022, when she was appointed as one of the spokespersons to one of the presidential candidates by the name Peter obi.

Which party does Nana Sani Kazaure Belong to?

Nana is a dedicated and loyal member of the political party in Nigeria called the labor party.

As an Activist?

Nana is a known activist who also fights for the inclusion of women in politics just like Ndi Kato. She is also an activist who believes so much in youths and is ever ready to fight for youth rights.

Is Nana Married?

Nana is happily married with kids.

Does Nana Sani Kazaure have children?

As I’ve pointed out earlier in this article nana is happily married and with children.

Source of wealth

Nana is known to be a wealthy and comfortable woman from the northern part of Nigeria. And most of her wealth comes from entrepreneurship.

Social Media handles of Nana S.K

Twitter page: @nanasanikazaure

Instagram: None

Facebook: None

LinkedIn: None

Tiktok: None

Nana joined Twitter in August 2022. And she uses only one social media platform which is a Twitter platform, she doesn’t have any other social media accounts aside from this one its link was shared in this article. therefore Beware of cloned pages.

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  1. She’s more than a Good Orator as a mother worthy of emulation, she is a teacher and her words are soothing and melodious to the soul. I like to have her email if it won’t be too much of an asking.


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