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Steve ryan CP24

Steve Ryan is a crime specialist who currently Works with CP24 a Canadian-based English-language specialty news channel owned by Bell Media, a subsidiary of BCE Inc. he has also worked with the Toronto police as a homicide detective Officer for over a decade before he retired to join CP24 media. 

He was born in the year 1969 and he is currently around 54 years old and will be 55 by 2024.

He is also known as an author who has published a mind-blowing book about his journey as a Toronto police homicide detective. A book titled the ghost haunts me. 

During his days as a Toronto police officer, he also worked as a sex crime investigator and a lead examiner in over 100 cases associated with murder.

Early Life

Steve Ryan was born and raised in Toronto, the capital of the province of Ontario, a major Canadian city along Lake Ontario’s northwestern shore. And he lived most of his life in Toronto before he later joined the Toronto police at a very young age.


Steve ryan CP24

Steve Ryan started off his career as a Toronto police officer at the age of 18 years. He first worked at the sex crime unit for years before he later joined the homicide unit as a top detective 14 years later. As a Toronto top detective, he has led the investigation of over 100 death cases including cases of child abuse in Toronto. Some of the few notable cases he successfully handled were the case of Elaine and Everton Biddersingh, Nicole Morin, Holly Jones, and Katelynn Sampson, which he still believes were few of the top brutally complex cases he has handled as a homicide investigator, which  Elaine and Everton Biddersingh happens to be his last case as a homicide detective. 

When Steve felt it was time to move on after nearly 30 years of working as an investigator, he was presented with a job opportunity of joining CP24, one of Toronto’s biggest News media and he accepted the offer and joined them. He retired as a homicide investigator in early 2017 and was employed in the CP24 media team as a crime specialist in the same year, specifically in the month of September. And he travels around GTA reporting on criminal matters and is still working at CP24 media to date.

Ryan was also a one-time candidate of tory at the Etobicoke by-election but couldn’t continue the political race due to the injury he sustained when his car was seriously hit by a tractor.


Steve ryan CP24
Steve Ryan with his daughter who just got Married

Steve Ryan is happily married to his lawful wife, although his wife’s identity is yet to be known. And As at the time of writing the article, they both have 2 children and one his children got married in 2022.


Even after Steve’s retirement as a homicide investigator, he is still considered one of the top investigators so far in Toronto because he has headed many successful investigations. Ryan is also an author and has written a book where he shared stories about some of the top notorious crimes he headed its investigation (stories of Toronto’s most infamous crimes) a book titled “Ghosts That Haunt Me” in the book, he reflected on the six of the many cases that greatly impacted him.

Ryan on the underhand lives a private life he doesn’t share much about his personal life and that of his family on social media instead he focuses more on his job.

Net Worth

Steve Ryan’s net worth is estimated to be around $ 4 million – $ 6 million USD

All his money was made from his job and he has no side business.


As an author, Steve Ryan has written just one book which we’ve mentioned earlier in this article (the ghost that haunts me).


Steve Ryan and his father on suit

As of the time of writing this article, there is no much information concerning Steve Ryan’s parents that can be found in the information space. Except the picture he took with father who he considered as his role model.

Profile Summary

Full name: Steve Ryan

Nickname: SteveryanCP24

Current Place of residence: Toronto

Nationality: Canada

Sexuality: straight

Marital status: Married

Children: 2 children

Religion: unknown

Skin Complexion: light skinned

Hair color: Brown

Eyes color: brown

Height: 5″1 

Social Contacts

Facebook: @steveryan

LinkedIn: @steveryan

Instagram: steveryancp24

Pinterest: None

Twitter: @steveryanCp24

Website: None

YouTube channel: Steve Ryan has no youtube channel associated with his name.

Wikipedia: Steve Ryan has no Wikipedia profile at the time of writing this biography

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