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Roman Shimonov is a Canadian-based Businessman and the chief executive officer of Smart Armored Vehicles, North America’s leading company that specializes in integrated security solutions for armored vehicle fleets. 

Although his age cannot be completely verified as at the time of writing this article, his body stature and facial looks depict that of a man in his late 40s.

He has worked as a volunteer board member at the Canada-Ukraine chamber of commerce where he helped in the promotion and facilitation of trade and investment between Canada and Ukraine.

Early Life

Roman Shimonov was born and raised in Canada, his home country and he has also worked and lived most of his life. He also attended Schools in Canada and his founded company is also based in the country.


Roman Shimonov attended the Schulich School of Business at York University where he studied business administration and management, in general. According to his online profile he graduated in 2016.


Roman Shimonov spent 15 years in the security and defense industries servicing commercial and government organizations providing them with quality armor. In 2016 he founded Roshel Smart Armored Vehicles, a big company based on the manufacturing of wheeled armored vehicles and armored fighting vehicles. He is also the current chief executive officer of the company since its foundation.

Shimonov’s company is known to be the leading defense company serving the whole country in North America, their products are; armored, cash-in-transit, and special purpose vehicles, law enforcement solutions, and access control management. Roman in collaboration with the Canadian government donated 8 Roshel Senator APCs to the Ukrainian Ground Forces. On 18 January 2023 to help in the fight against the Russian attacks. This was done as part of military aid following the Russian invasion of Ukraine on February 24, 2022.


Process Improvement  

Sales Process 

Budget Management  

Process Optimization  

Business Development 

International Business Development  

Government Contracting  

Government Procurement 

Business Strategy 

Strategic Planning  


Strategic Negotiations  

Management Strategic Partnerships

Net Worth

Roman Shimonov’s net worth is estimated to be around $150 million to $ 250 million.

Most of his money is made through his company and other various businesses he engaged in.


There is no verifiable information found showing whether Roman Shimonov is married or not.


There was no information concerning his family found at the time of writing this article.


According to star media, Roman is planning to deliver 200 armored vehicles to Kyiv to help them fight back in the attack against Russia. Canadian Defence Minister Anita Anand visited Kyiv to meet Ukrainian officials and announced the supply of 200 Senator armored personnel carriers to Ukraine, as part of its latest military assistance package.

Profile summary

Full Name: Roman Shimonov

Nickname: Rushel

Nationality: Canadian

Place of birth: Canada

Place of residence: Toronto, Canada

Sex: Male

Sexuality: straight

Marital status: N/A

Children: N/A

Skin Complexion: light skinned

Hair color: black

Eye color: black

Race: white

Religion: N/A

Age: mid-40s

Height: N/A

Social handles

Social Media Handles

The following are the social media platforms where you can find and connect with Ivan Turco for more updates about him and his events.

Instagram: None

Facebook: None

LinkedIn: @romanshimonov

Instagram: None

Pinterest: None

Twitter: @romanshimonov

Wikipedia profile: Roman Shimonov has no Wikipedia profile as of the time of writing this article.

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