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mario murilo

Mario Murillo is an evangelist, minister, and the founder of Mario Murillo ministries a Christian ministry based in San Ramon, California, United States.  

Although his age is yet Unknown his body stature depicts the one of a man in his 50s.

He is also known to be a blogger and author who has authored so many books about Christians’ spiritual life and ensuring spiritual growth. He is the president general of the Mario Murillo ministries. Mario is a great man of God! Who claims to always be in touch with The Lord and live the life God has directed him to live, for the glory of The Kingdom of God. He always preaches the Truth from The Word of God.

Murillo was inspired to begin his international ministry after a four-day conference in San Jones, California, which was later extended to six months and had over 250,000 people in attendance. Evangelist Mario decided to launch his international ministry in 1968. Afterward, he was able to preach to millions of people in different parts of the world, telling them how Christ can transform their lives, and this was clearly like an invitation for people to come to see the manifestation of Christ’s power in putting an end to racism, violence, and diseases. As he continued preaching at the University of Berkeley, California, students testified how they had received their healing miraculously and how Christ could heal them through him.

Profile Summary

Name: Mario Murillo

Nickname: evangelist Mario murillo

Height: 5’7”

Eye color: black

Hair color: black

Skin color: Light skinned

Religion: Christianity

Ethnicity: Mixed ethnicity

Nationality: American

Education: N/A

Qualifications: N/A

Awards won: None

Occupation: Evangelist, Blogger, Author, minister, and Pastor

Sexuality: Straight

Wife: Mechelle Murillo

Marital status: married

Children: N/A

Instagram:  @mariomurilloministries

LinkedIn profile: @mariomurillo

Facebook page: @mariomurillo


Net worth: $1,000,000

Early Life

Mario Murillo was born and raised by his parents in San Francisco in the United States, a city not known for producing international evangelists. His ministry was born in the drug-obsessed, occult-saturated 70s, in the epicenter of a violent student revolution – Berkeley, California. His gift seemed doomed to fail on an atheistic campus. Mix persuasive Gospel messages with the raw healing power of Jesus. The unexpected result was a vibrant army of 2,000 students.

He has lived all his life in the United States and part of it in San Francisco, his native hometown. He was born into a poor family where he found it hard to even eat but later got his status quo changed through his Career manifestation.

Career Journey

Mario’s international ministry began in San Jose, with a four-day crusade that was extended to six months and reached 250,000 people in an Azusa Street-type visitation. Mario impacted San Francisco in 1986, with the largest Christian gathering in a decade. He returned there in 1989, to preach for 30 days at the world-famous Cow Palace as 5,000 people flooded the altar. Also in 1991, Mario preached in Los Angeles to a packed-out Shrine Auditorium. In a historical two-day crusade, he watched 1500 gang members give their lives to Christ. In 1999, after six months of IMPACT to the city of San Francisco, Mario returned to the Cow Palace for five nights of power where thousands received Christ.

Mario annually conducts approximately 50 outreaches which are noted for the presence of God and exuberant worship. His preaching pierces the heart and unravels modern evil. His IMPACT meetings are designed to be a PowerPoint to draw people together in unity for the purpose of prayer, worship, and winning souls. With careful, strategic preparation in unity under the anointing of the Holy Spirit, cities can experience a fresh fire of revival like never before.

Mario has authored several best-selling books such as Critical Mass, Fresh Fire, Fresh Impact, I Am a Christian the Devil Warned You About, and his most recent release Edgewise.

Educational background

Mario Murillo is a well-educated and knowledgeable man. He had his primary and secondary education at a school located in his hometown of San Francisco.

Net worth

Mario Murillo’s net worth is estimated to be around $5,000,000 dollars in 2023. That’s to say, he has been able to acquire a reasonable amount of money from his career.


Mario Murillo is a married man. His relationship/marriage life has never been a smooth one according to him it has been full of ups and downs. Mario got married to his first wife Michelle Murillo in 1995 they were both living well for over 3 years until they started having issues and the marital problem with each other amid the marital problem his wife Michelle ran away from their home with their son after she ran away from there home, they later divorced each other some months later. 

After a few years of divorce, Mario went ahead to marry a second wife; a woman who later left him to marry another man who was a musician. 14 years later after divorcing his first wife, they both met again and remarried and are still together today.

Mario and Michelle gave birth to a boy child they named Michael, Michael was just 4 years old when they both separated in 1999 and he (Michael) was also one of the major things that brought them back together as husband and wife after their divorce that lasted for a long period of time. Michael now has grown into a man and he has also married his own wife Jessica

Books Authored

Mario Murillo has been able to write some books to motivate his readers and make them prepare for their beliefs; below are some of the books he has authored.

Vessels of fire and Glory: breaking demonic spells over America to release a great Awakening.

God chaos code: the shocking blueprints that reveal five keys to the destiny of Nations.

The supernatural power of Jesus’s blood: applying the blessing available through Jesus’ blood.

 Do not leave quietly: a call for everyday people to rise and defeat evil. 

Prophetic evangelism (revised and updated edition): tactics that release signs, wonders, and miracles in your everyday activities.

Flashpoint of revival: the third great Awakening and the transformation.

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