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Leanne Morgan biography

Leanne Morgan is an American-based stand-up comedian, actress, host, and writer from the United States.

She was born on the 3rd of October 1970 and she is currently 53 years of age as at the time of writing this article. 

She was so famous for many of her notable stand-up comedy shows such as Thou Shalt Laugh 3 which she performed in 2008, Nashville in (2020), and Dry Bar Comedy (2017).

Morgan became a conversation among netizens after one of her videos on YouTube went viral on the internet in the year 2008. Since then she has been in the spotlight till date.


 Early Life

Leanne Morgan early life

Leanne Morgan was born and raised in the United States by her biological parents and has lived most of her life in the state. Growing up in Adams, Tennessee, a town of about 600 near the Kentucky border, Morgan says her family came from hard-working farm people. Her father had a farm, ran a postal route, and built a meat processing plant in his backyard. Her mother was a farm wife and kept the house, not even learning to drive until she was in her 40s. As a teenager, Leanne was feeling the lure of Hollywood after graduating high school, but the idea of moving there was unheard of and too daunting for a country girl who had never been away from home. After her marriage with her husband, they both moved to Bean Station, TN in the beautiful foothills of the Appalachian Mountains.


Leanne Morgan education

Leanne Morgan skipped kindergarten. She attended his high school education in her hometown. After graduating from high school, she enrolled in college at The University of Tennessee, where she graduated (by the skin of her teeth) with a Bachelor of art (BA) degree in Child and Family Studies. Her initial plan was to do child therapy, she says. But it wasn’t always easy. Her distinct Middle Tennessee accent and rural education sometimes hampered her. 

Career journey 

Leanne knew at the age of 5 that she wanted to be a comedian, but being born and raised in Middle Tennessee in a farming community of 500 people, she didn’t know how in the world it was going to happen. She grew up loving comedy and her very funny and encouraging mother, Lucille, allowed her to skip kindergarten to stay home and watch Hollywood Squares and Match Game. At age 10, after “killing” in the 4-H talent show, she was bitten by the performance bug. Even though she had a small audience in rural Tennessee, Morgan says she knew she was going to be in show business one day. With a Middle Tennessee drawl, Morgan has talked about her life and the lives of her family for more than 20 years. And people across the country are loving it. 

After her childbearing, she got into selling jewelry in homes and house parties to stay busy as a mom. She was supposed to talk to people about the jewelry but instead conversed about breastfeeding, hemorrhoids, and being a mama. The party guests thought that she was hilarious to the point somebody peed on a couch, and before she knew it, she was booked out a year in advance. 

The jewelry company saw what was happening and asked her to speak at their sales rallies. It was there that women started saying, “You need to do stand-up!” That gave Leanne the courage to really go for it! Leanne finally had access to comedy clubs. Next, she was doing Rotary events and Kiwanis clubs. when her family moved to San Antonio in 2001, and her career in comedy quickly started to skyrocket. She got a shot at the Cap City Comedy Club, where management encouraged her act. In no time, she was on ABC’s talk show The View. 

Leanne’s comedy has landed her at the prestigious Just For Laughs Festival in Montreal and has brought her development deals for her own sitcom with ABC and Warner Brothers, writer/producer Matt Williams (Rosanne and Home Improvement), TV Land, and with Sony Television.

Leanne has garnered over 2.25 million followers across social media and her popular stand-up special, So Yummy has reached over 50 million views on YouTube.

Her fan base continues to grow with her relatability as she discusses everything from being a housewife, and sharing Jell-O recipes to having a new grandbaby. She has appeared on The Kelly Clarkson Show, The View, Nick at Nite’s Funniest Mom, and toured with the Southern Fried Chick. For years, business ebbed and flowed. Sometimes, she says, she was busy and touring on the weekends.


Leanne Morgan is happily married to her husband Chuck and they both had three children. They’ve been married for years now and they have not recorded any divorce or publicly recognized marital issues. Chuck owned a mobile home refurbishing business. Leanne was said to be a housewife before the burst in her career. Now that her children are grown, Leanne is moving full steam ahead with her comedy. In December 2022, Leanne concluded The Big Panty tour with Outback Presents which spanned 100+ shows in theaters across the U.S. She also taped her first Netflix standup special which premiered on the platform in early 2023. Leanne later went back on the road with her next 100+ show which Started theater and arena tours with Outback Presents in February 2023.

When not on the road, Leanne cherishes spending time in Knoxville, TN with her husband, three children, grandbaby, and two beagles.

Net Worth

Leanne Morgan’s net worth is guesstimated to be around $5 to $10 million Us dollars which she made from her career as a stand-up comedian and influencer.


Leanne Morgan has released his first Netflix stand-up comedy special with the title (I’m every woman). The Netflix special was released on April 22nd, 2023. In the special, Leanne shared her experience as usual with her comedic take on motherhood and life growing up in a small town. Her special has been one of the first Netflix stand comedy specials from a female comedian. It was rated PG 13 and has gotten so much traction from many and has been a topic of discussion among netizens.

Social handles

Leanne Morgan’s social media handles is as follows;

Facebook: @LeanneMorgan 

Instagram: @LeanneMorgan

IMDb: @LeanneMorgan

YouTube: @LeanneMorgan

Twitter: @LeanneMorgan

Official website: @LeanneMorgan

Wikipedia: Leanne Morgan has no Wikipedia profile as at the time of writing this article.

As a Storyteller

Leanne Morgan is a great storyteller and loves telling stories of her childhood memories including parenting and child-bearing. Being from a small community where people take care of each other shaped me, she said. 

My people are polite and kind and they’re always taking care of one another,” she says. “My great grandmother, Big Momma, we called her, she would say there’s no reason to use that kind of language. And my momma and daddy would say people who use that kind of language did it because they didn’t have anything else to say. But I think, being a mom, I wanted to be an example. I didn’t want to say anything I wouldn’t want my kids to say.” 

And while she doesn’t talk much about her childhood growing up in Middle Tennessee, she says she might revisit it. 

“My grandmother, she was a pistol,” she says. “And she had a shotgun. She’d put her panties out on the line to dry and the crows would come along and land on that line and poop on her panties, so my grandma would pull down her window and shoot right out of it at those crows… I grew up with lots of funny stories, but I think I’ve just only ever talked about what I was going through at the time.” 

Now, with her son and daughter-in-law expecting a baby, she’s ready to see what life holds next. 

“I tell everyone I’m having a baby,” she says. “I want to be a memaw… you know, the grandmothers who are always helping out and changing diapers and making soup beans and cornbread. That’s what I want to be – a memaw. They may call me something else, but that’s what I’ll be.”


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