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Enni Francis is a Nigerian-based gospel singer, songwriter, music minister, Pastor, director, and all-around music producer.

Although Enni’s age is yet to be known, his body stature and facial look depict a man in his 30s. 

He is also considered a Content Creator and an Instagram celebrity because most people get to know him through his beautiful content, especially the one he shares with his boy child where they sing wonderful gospel songs together in sweet voices. He has over 300 thousand active subscribers on his YouTube channel

Early Life

Enni was born and raised in Nigeria by his Nigerian parents, in the city of Lagos where he grew up. He has also lived most of his life in the city while his career has led him to tour around the country. Starting off his career was a tough one but he never gave up that was why he is where he is today. According to him, he finds so much peace and tranquility while praising the Lord in truth and in spirit. All I just want to do is to praise the Lord he said in an interview.


Enni Francis has released some track songs/records to his name and all of his songs are as follows;

The promise of God (2021)

Faithful God (2021)

My Ebenezer (2021)

The same God (2021)

Marital Life

Enni Francis is a happily married man. Although we couldn’t get the full information about his marriage ceremony and how long he has been together with his wife, it was officially verified that He is lawfully married to his wife Nellaa Kunma Francis.  They both have three children, a boy, and two girls. The name of his boy child is Kanaan Francis, kanaan happens to be the most popular among his three children because he is a known singer. Kanaan is always seen on Enni’s Instagram videos where they sing gospel songs and make video content together. 


The only known relationship Enni is involved in is the relationship he has with his family (wife and children) we can’t say more about whether he is in any other relationship or not.


Like we’ve pointed out before, Enni’s wife’s name is Nella Akunma Francis. She is a beautiful light skinned lady average in height and with dark natural hair and black eyes. Just like her husband, she is also a minister of God who uses her social media pages to talk and teach people about her God and the wonders he can do in their lives. You can get to know more about her through her Instagram page where she gets to share exclusive things she wants people to know about her. You can also find her on YouTube (@nellaakunmafrancis)


As a Christian, Enni Francis has built a reputable career in the ministry not just as a gospel singer but also as a minister of God/pastor in the church. He uses his tool to spread the word of Jesus so that people can get their salvation.

Profile Summary

Full Name: Enni Francis

Age: 30s

Date of birth: N/A

Skin Complexion: light skinned

Place of birth: N/A

State of origin: N/A

Place of residence: Abuja

Nationality: Nigeria

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Straight

Marital status: Married

Children: three

Tribe: Ibibio

Religion: Christianity

Parents: Mr. and Mrs. Enni

Career/Occupation: gospel singer, songwriter, pastor

Education: N/A

Qualifications: N/A

Graduation Year: N/A

Skills: music production, social media marketing, editing

Networth: $800

Social Media Handles

Enni only uses 4 social media platforms. Below is the link to the official pages of these social media platforms.

Note: any links other than these links I am going to be sharing with you here should be avoided because there are many fake pages that claim to be Enni but they’re not.

LinkedIn: @ennifrancis

Facebook: @ennifrancis

Twitter: @ennifrancis

Instagram: @ennifrancis


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