Dele Farotimi: Biography, Early Life, Age, Education, Career, Activism, Marriage, Net Worth, Achievements, and Controversy

Dele Farotimi: Biography, Education, Career, Activism, Marriage, Net Worth, Achievements, and Controversy

Dele Farotimi is a Nigerian-based lawyer, public speaker, and political activist better known for his seasoned public speeches, especially on political matters, and his loyal and committed attitude toward the creation of a new Nigeria that will be free of corruption. He is also popularly known as a writer and author who has written books to his name.

While he is known as a legal practitioner who has been in the system and practiced for years, he is also a bonafide member of the Citizens’ Rally against Oppression (RAMINBA) and Chief Executive Officer of the dele Farotimi & co.

Dele Farotimi Profile Summary

Full Name: dele farotimi

Nickname: None

Date of birth: 27th April 1968

Age: 55 years

Place of birth: Ibadan

State of origin: Oyo state

Nationality: Nigeria

State and Country of Residence: Lagos, Nigeria

Tribe: Yoruba

Sexuality: Straight

Marital status: married



Religion: Christianity

Education: Lagos State University (LASU)

Qualifications: Bachelor’s degree, BA (Hons) in law

Skills: writing and public speaking

Awards won: None

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Early life

dele farotimi

Dele Farotimi was born and raised in Ibadan Oyo state by his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Farotimi. While growing up as a kid, he attended a primary school located in the city of Ibadan and also attended a secondary school over there in a place called Fiditi is known as the home of fruits. After secondary school, he traveled to Lagos at the age of 17 years to further his education at one of the most respected universities in Lagos where he got his undergraduate degree.

During his days in secondary school, dele wrote for his A’level exams two times in a row before he could pass the exam. This was in an attempt to avoid a mechanic apprenticeship as he was threatened by his father.


Dele Farotimi will be 55 years old in 2023. He was born on the 27th of April 1968 in his hometown in Ibadan Oyo state.


dele farotimi biography
Dele farotimi putting on white shirt and glasses

Dele first acquired his first school leaving certificate in a primary school located in his hometown before going to secondary school at Fiditi in Ibadan. And after his secondary school in Fiditi Ibadan where he failed to get his senior secondary school education certificate, he then proceeded to a secondary school located at Ile Ife where he later obtained his senior secondary school certificate after his second attempt.

After he obtained his SSCE, he got admission to Lagos State University where he studied law and graduated with a bachelor’s degree, BA(Hons) in law. He then proceeded to law school after graduation. 

He was called to the bar in 1999 after his graduation from a Nigerian law school.


Dele is a practicing lawyer in the federal republic of Nigeria.


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During his days at the University, dele was appointed Student union government president of the Lagos state university. This position gave him the utmost opportunity to learn and practice his passion which is a desire for social change through his voice and handwriting.

After he was through with school, he started a legal career as a legal counsel at Adesina Ogunlana & Co firm where he worked for some years.

He then moved to join the late K. O. Tinubu and co, while working with k.o. Tinubu and co., he also worked with many other respected legal individuals such as Tinubu, B. R. Fashola, SAN, and Rasheed Oluwa.

As an Author/Writer

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Dele was a great and well-articulated writer who has authored some books and many article publications to his name. And his books and articles are positioned and channeled toward Nigerian politics. Some of these books are as follows;

1) Do Not Die in Their War: A treatise on Nigeria’s contemporary political trajectories

2) Imperatives of the Nigerian Revolution

Articles Publications;

Why Do We Forget?

Would Heaven Be Kinder?


The Fraudulent Tokenism Of Mallam Rufai

The Libelous Obituaries…

What Color Are The Angels Mama?

On respect and cultural embodiments

Fantastically Angelic…

The Future Foretold – Happy Children’s Day


dele farotimi putting on blue shirt

Dele is a very loyal and committed in attitude activist who uses voices and writings to fight against the political oppression perpetrated by the government of Nigeria. He believes that there can be a new Nigeria through the amendment of the Nigerian system of government and its constitutions.

The important part of dele’s political activism is to enlighten, educate, and instruct the citizens and the coming generation. He is one of the few activists who believe that Nigeria can be great again, there can be a new Nigeria by doing the right thing. But for the new Nigeria to come, someone needs to pilot the movement.

His hyperactive nature towards the movement of a new and better Nigeria can be seen in his publications, interviews, and books.

As a result of his quest through activism for a better Nigeria dele was appointed one of the spokespersons of Peter obi, one of the presidential candidates for the 2023 election alongside other notable activists like Ndi-Kato, Nana Sani Kazaure, Kenneth Okonkwo also known by his stage name andy Okeke, Ime Ufot, Yenusa Tanko.


Dele is a married man. But at the same time, there is no information online regarding who his lawful wedded wife is.


There is no Public information regarding dele’s children if he had any.


Dele’s Net Worth is guesstimated to be over a million dollars.


Dele with his associate

As I’ve pointed out before, dele Farotimi is the author of many books and publications which were written by him. He has been one of the seasoned public speakers in Nigeria who have been invited to speak on big stages. 

One of the biggest books he authored was Do Not Die in Their War: A treatise on Nigeria’s contemporary political trajectories a book that ironed out and addressed corruption and the political trajectories of Nigeria as a country.  This book is available on amazon you can use this link to get it at a cheaper rate.


Dele is also a controversial speaker who speaks his mind regardless of who is involved. And because of this, he has received a series of death threat messages from various unknown assassinators.

On February 3rd, 2021, dele complained in a press conference that his life is threatened by certain influential people to who he never fully opened up who these people are. he said that the reason why these people are after his life is that he supported the  Lekki Toll Gate plaza to stay open throughout the investigation of the end sars protest movement. 

He also went on to talk about how he has made a statement and filed a special complaint with the  Department of State Services (DSS) and the Lagos State Police Command regarding the threat against his life.


This is where we will be wrapping up everything you need to know about Dele farotimis’s Biography.


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